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Portland, OR
I can’t believe this place doesn’t have at least 4 stars.

This is by far my favorite Middle Eastern restaurant, ever. And I am an avid eater of Lebanese, Jordanian, Israeli, you name it. I LOVE Attiki.

I’m going to sound like a snob for a moment and say my theory: some people tend to get exposed to ethnic food at one or maybe two places, and they develop a taste only for that restaurant or particular variation of the food. Attiki is more authentic than most Lebanese restaurants, so I think a lot of people are thrown off by the slightly more unusual flavors in the baba ghanoush, the hummus, etc. At least half the customer base every time I go is Arab so this place clearly appeals to fans of authentic, hardly-Americanized Lebanese food.

Some of the negative reviews on here boggle my mind. The mezze is the most amazing mezze, anywhere, ever. Kibbe that is delicately fried so that there is a perfect crisp layer of bulgur wheat as opposed to two inches of soggy who-knows-what, tzatziki with tons of garlic, an out of this world Lebanese hot sauce that goes with everything. Tomato Buffala, which is nearly impossible to find in most Lebanese restaurants in the US, which is my favorite part of the mezze. They are also very generous with the pita which is served right out of the oven and is basically bottomless.

The service is incredibly fast, attentive, and friendly (last time I went our server let us bring our beagle inside and even offered to get it its own glass of water! So sweet.)

Extensive cocktail list, I’ve had about ten different martinis here and they’ve all been fabulous.

And they are open until 1 am for food, and even later for hookah! The hookah is as good as it gets just about anywhere as well.

Kaia V.
Dallas, TX
Happy hour is great! $2 wells, $2 domestics (bud, etc.), $3 some imports (purple haze, Guinness, cider, etc). Runs weekdays from 3-8. Servers were nice and friendly. They have food, an ample bar, tables, a big couch, and one of those bar top games with erotic photo hunt. $1 gets you 6 credits, which is good for three games of most options on there. The only downside was the tv at the bar was showing a depressing tv show about some paralyzed football player. Reduced my buzz.

Renee A.
Metairie, LA
Go here with my boyfriend all the time for some hookah, turkish coffee and yummy drinks! Right across from the house of blues if you happen to be hungry after a show, you won’t be disappointed.

Jillian M.
Boston, MA
When I lived in New Orleans, I probably came here about once a month. 1. For the hookah. 2. For the food. 3. Atmosphere. My friends really enjoy hookah so we decided to check it out and we were pleased with our first experience so we kept coming back. They have a good variety of flavors for hookah and you can mix and match to make your own combo. I personally like to mix raspberry and mint. The other good thing about this place is that it has large floor to ceiling window/doors on the front that were open every time I went so the place didn’t get packed with smoke.
It’s a pretty laid back place so if you are stopping in because you are in a rush, plan on waiting a little. It’s pretty good food but,I wouldn’t say it’s the best Mediterranean in NOLA but its serves its purpose. Usually I get the falafel app to start and the lebneh (which is actually REALLY good here) shared the kabob with another person, and the chicken was well seasoned and grilled perfectly, not dry at all. Soft shell crab dinner was good and also the gyro was made well. They have a full bar, my wine glass was always pretty full when it was served to me. Had a couple of their special martinis once and they tasted pretty good.
Definitely come here for the hookah if that’s what you are into. The food and drink are a plus if you want to make a night out of it.

Monique H.
San Diego, CA
This was the first restaurant I ate at while in NOLA. Never did I imagine such Amazingly Wonderful Mediterranean food could be in Louisiana!!

The joint itself, is cozy, dark and smokey. But smokey in a suttle way, the aromas from the different hookahs around the room, were actually quite nice. It had a laid back feel, rustic genie in a bottle mixed with Old New Orleans style. They had on some chill down tempo house music and would spice it up a little with some Arabic music throughout the night.

From the moment of walking into the joint we had nothing but great attentive service from our bartender. He was on top of his game, and poured a killer Basil Lemon Martini! Those martini’s were very crisp and refreshing, I drank about 3, they were that good!!

For our Dinner we split an appetizer of their Pita with some kinda spicy salsa sauce on it. I don’t recall what it was called , but it definitely had a kick! It was yummy, the pita was fresh , hot and goood! We split the chicken kabob plate! Very tasty, very moist chicken, I didn’t know it could be that chocked full of flavor and not dried out. The rice was even good! Not like the Mediterranean rices Ive had here in Cali, but it was good. it wasn’t instant , so that’s good!!

The owner of the bar/restaurant was in that night, and I got the chance to meet her. A very nice lady, she created the entire menu herself, so props to her for having Great “Different” food in New Orleans! And again, props to our kickass Bartender, Jared I believe was his name! Next time I’m back in NOLA, I will definitely be at your restaurant again!


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Very good, kitchen stayed open pretty late so I got to go back a second time for more falafels. I got the gyro and it was very good. The falafles were light and crispy. It was a little dim but that was ok. Belly dancer was there later in the evening, very nice

Mark S. Williams
The food was fantastic! I had the combination platter of kebabs. This is some of the best food I have had in New Orleans. Service was friendly and the food was prompt. Live entertainment later tonight.

Great hookah, hummus, gyro and lebneh; a place that everyone should check out!

Bethany Millet
One of my favorite parts about visiting New Orleans is trying all the many different restaurants here. My husband and I make a point to eat at least once at a Greek/Mediterranean place, a gumbo place, and our favorite Popsicle place. We stumbled on Attiki late on a Saturday and sat down. Everything was reasonably priced and delicious. I had the veggie sandwich and it was amazing. Not a boring veggie sandwich, which as a vegetarian, I sometimes end up with. My husband had the Beef Shawarma and he seemed to like it, judging by how he ate it so eagerly. Our server could have been a bit more attentive, but he was very nice, and we weren’t in a hurry anyways. We were pleased!

ray cannata
11am-2pm M-F. Dinner: 5pm-1am daily. Moderate priced, very good. Lunch $7-9 sandwiches in 09. Cool spot on Decatur near House of Blues, Louisiana Music Factory, bookstore, other eateries. Loved beef swarma sandwich — very zesty and fresh (though too many stems in the salad). Palestinian Christian owned (Eastern Orthodox). Bartender’s grandfather was mayor of Bethlehem for 28 years (before it became Muslim). 10/09.
It is every bit as good as the very best Middle Eastern food in the city: Lebanon on Carrollton; Babylon on Maple in Carrollton; Byblos on Magazine in Irish Channel; Mona’s Uptown etc. If anything, it is the most unique in flavor.
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The lamb is awesome and the soft shell crab is the best I’ve ever had- GREAT place!

Visiting New Orleans, I purposely tried this restaurant to see what Arabic food is in the city. I ordered the mezze plate and was pleased. I thought that the kibbe and grape leaves were excellent – flavor was spot on. The falafel was not cooked correctly – it was heavy, but the flavor was very good. Baba ghanoush was nice, hummus – okay. Overall, it was a pleasant surprise. Not thrilled about the bar atmosphere, but that is New Orleans, I guess.

I really enjoy myself everytime I go here. The service is so professional, the atmosphere is unique & comforting, and the vibe is just a special feeling of relaxation. Being able to smoke a hookah at a table seated next to an open window leading to a French Quarter street over a glass of wine and a full belly -breath- is an elegant experience. A must. I actually became a regular because of this.
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Who would have thought? Great Mediterranean food in New Orleans!! Went because I wanted a change from the usual spots and LOVED it. Got the Mezze platter, the cocktail with basil and some wine. The plate was filling and very flavor-filled! Yummy! I sat at the window/door, so got the feel of being on a porch. The poor server was the only person working and was running around like crazy, but I was in no hurry, so all good. Will be back.

Looking for an alternative to greasy heavy NOLA food. Great find. Our Turkish friend gave it two thumbs up. Wonderful service and waiter willing to split the check between 8 of us. Would come again